Barnkids Nurseries Vision and Values

After two successful Ofsted visits in 2021 and 2022, using their feedback we started looking to the future, what would we look like the next time they came to visit, what do we want our children to achieve and how do we want them to achieve it.

In doing this we realised that although we loved our vision - it was LONG and most of our team could only ever remember up to the end of BARN - us included.

B - Believe in everyone

A - Achieve great things together

R - Respect the individual

N - Nurture interests

K - Kindness in everyone

I - Inspire and

D - Dream Big

S - Special memories are made at Barnkids Nurseries

So with our newly formed leadership team - Darragh, Laura, Sharon, Tracy, Lisa and Naomi we set about refreshing our strategy and simplifying our vision and values - which we then presented to our teams who helped us bring it to it's final form.

Our vision is to 'use nature to inspire great things at nursery and beyond' - our teams don't want to just give your children a great experience at nursery, they want to help your children and give them the skills to thrive in the outside world at nursery and beyond. In doing this, nature is very important and our team value the great outdoors very highly - the learning and wellbeing opportunities it provides are the best tools we have at our disposal to do this.

Underneath this sit our values. These are the qualities that are important to us and will help us achieve our vision. Our values are:


We teach respect by treating others how we would like to be treated. Being respected by important people in our lives teaches us how to be respectful towards others.


We create ‘ordinary magic’ (Ann Masten 2013) – by providing the right environments, the right relationships and the right chances for our children and team to safely explore themselves and the world around them.


We want to meet the needs of our children today without compromising the needs of future generations by making sustainability a central part of our children’s thinking.

Passion for Learning

Children have a natural desire to be curious and inquisitive and we commit to fostering this innate ability by experiencing the awe and wonder of the world with them, nurturing their enquiring minds and having fun.

Think about splashing through a very long and deep puddle, running through a forest or feeling ‘small’ standing beneath a huge tree. These are some of the magic moments that children experience at Barnkids Nurseries.

We are looking forward to incorporating our revised Vision and Values across the work that we do at Barnkids Nurseries, please watch this space :-)

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